Poetry: Mani Rao


Moon, Sisyphus

Life, Sisyphus

Who knows how many

Days in the
Life of Brahma

Pebble, Sisyphus
On a beach

Up there
Slick stars who made it

You know how Sisyphus had to roll a massive rock up a steep hill, and how it would roll back down again. But, do you know, a day in the life of Brahma = 4.32 billion years. So is a night. Brahma’s life of a hundred years (36,000 days) = 311.04 trillion human years. Human life is not manifest during Brahma’s night.


Mani Rao Photo by Paul Schollmeier 2Mani is the author of eight books of poetry including Ghostmasters (2010) and Echolocation (2003) and a translation of the Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita as a poem. www.manirao.com has updates.

Photo by Paul Schollmeier.