Poetry/Essay: Carmen Giménez Smith

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Poetry: 2015 1st/2nd Poetry Book Prize Finalists

This month we feature new work from the five finalists from Omnidawn’s 2015 1st/2nd Poetry Book contest:

Ashley Chambers – The Exquisite Buoyancies
Soham Patel – towards evening:
Joseph Rios – Shadowboxing
Jake Syersak – Yield Architecture
Jason Whitmarsh – The Histories

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Poetry: Mg Roberts

Underanimal: an excerpt from Anemal, Uter Meck

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Poetry: Justin Robinson


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Adam Fagin: “Story I Cannot Tell”

This is a story I’ve told forever: My great-grandfather dies, leaving his wife, Celia, with three small children: Jake, Shimmy, and Sam.

He dies one year after my grandfather’s birth, it is 1919, leaving my great-grandmother to raise a family alone.

They live in Springfield, Massachusetts.

It is the Prohibition. The point is: they live through this untimely death.

At this point in the story, the United States government has banned the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. Celia, my great-grandmother, becomes a bootlegger.

This story is about survival: it’s about family, but it’s also about home.

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