Poetry: Jadea Edmonds

red music. 
spring is breathing. operation of the dark and some glory of the tomb,
fingers are twisting the sliversbe anxious to create a private world,
mind about my silence. 
           music synced undertones through damaged trumpets
blow the horn for a sacred revolt 
           time the meters. but just one. 
thoughts in my eyes like blood — the hair reflects the skin of the scalp
           but the eyes, 
                       my eyes reflects the skin of the ears
electricity of the sounds the color makes 
           vivid anger 
Inflicted pain 
           erotic destruction                   flashed lights downplay elevation 
           red,                red, 
the color of sodium filled liquid,  
                       triggered music touched me dearly
           can I mention advanced research has gone awol?
           what is present in your ears? what is present in your mind? 
darkness works and shakes the skin
golden old days — our teeth are healers
attracted by the secrets of lyrics.

grounded in the senses. 
i  search dark to light. light to darkness. The sight obstructive. 
                                             finale rested, paused at the undesired moment. 
                     invisual imagery, unfolds the forged description only three eyes can see. 
you resonate, you imitate, you divided me into the great —
                                      conscience. classified formality, eye the eye is the eye i fail to look upon. 
un-deleted the embarrass. 
un-see the narrative. 
re-eye the red eye on muggy captured memory. 
eye the moment.                                                                              moment the eye

                     language the eye. words on the god. critical eye thinking. functional sight to
infunctional fight. provoked eye. eye provoked. lay thy eyes down under the golden rod. 
iris of black. sword-shaped flower. shattered rains, heavy, heavenly pains. 
           eye cultivate the eye, iris. 
adjustable. degradable. 
cornea of open pleasures. 

                                                       smell the forming of world
                                                                        figment noses 
                                                           points of references 
                                                               flowers to floral
                                                                      smoke to sulfur 
                                                               pumpkin to fall 
            threat to smell. smell to threats. 
fill-in the smells. smell the fill-ins. 
lack the adjectives. 
           gain the frame. frame the smell to the false resonance. 
                     indefinite smell define the memory. 
unlimited description. limitless sense of spiritual smell. 
nose the religion. religion the nose. shortened scents, pass the stud.
unsee the smell. smell the unseen. distant decay. 
           blue green the scent. 97 the smell. 
smell is unseeable but you allow us to conjure up words to allow you to go from imagined 
To real. 

Jadea Edmonds reading: red music.

Jadea Edmonds reading: grounded in the senses.

Jadea Edmonds is an expression of all things art. Through her form, she takes her readers on a journey where they get to decide what’s there and what’s not. Jadea is inspired by her imagination, the imagination of others, art, emotional intelligence, or anything she can draw an experience from. Her experiences are in her, around her and through her. Meaningful experiences cannot be separately defined. Such as this bio cannot solely identify Jadea. However, if she had to name her approach, it would be “experimentally abstract.”