Essay: C. S. Giscombe

Some Writing at the End of the Known World

(The following was given as a talk on a panel at AWP in Tampa, Florida in 2018; the panel, convened by Julia Spicher Kasdorf, was titled, “Here Comes the Flood: Research and Writing in the Anthropocene.”)
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Poetry: Finalists of Omnidawn’s 2017 Poetry Chapbook Contest

This month we feature new work from four of the five finalists of Omnidawn’s 2017 Poetry Chapbook Contest:

S. Brook Corfman – The Adversaria: Four Closet Dramas
Emily Martin – Palisades
Alyx Raz – Roadwork
Jonathan William Stout – The Dream of Zukofsky

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Poets, Presses & Periodicals: Native Voices from Tupelo Press

A regular feature of OmniVerse, Poets, Presses & Periodicals is a conversation with the publisher of a small press or periodical, a poet they have chosen to highlight, and one of our OmniVerse staff writers.

In this installment, we interview the co-editors of Native Voices, a new anthology honoring Indigenous poets of North America, forthcoming from Tupelo Press. Selections from the forthcoming anthology follow the interview.

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Poetry: Petrarch translated by Micah Towery

Canzoniere 6

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