Poetry: Ethan Plaue

Selected by Dawn Lundy Martin as a finalist in Omnidawn’s 2019 1st/2nd Poetry Book Prize


                                        aesthetic suave state
                                        in me were daring

                                        a bell turned upward
                                        vast company from which
                                        harplike position

                                        downriver a different difference
                                        so simply that’s also noiseless here


                                        thinking against quarters

                                        location of work
                                        I had no stomach

                                        light engrossed at its edge
                                        seeking rest for noon
                                        whir of a thousand nostrils and chests

                                        what portion of mood
                                        it’s true
                                        how it functions does not function

                                        when like stone allures
                                        pennied action with idea

                                        did the sight of your face
                                        promissory sensation


                                        two voices upstairs
                                        descending “becomes a sod”
                                        rouse your soul is spoken

                                        themselves not having been or either
                                        does not remember or sometimes remembers
                                        “to thy high requiem”
                                        modeled…looks mid-word
                                        proximity is failure

                                        buzzing stacked valley
                                        with the lives of the dead


                                        here interior
                                        into my arms my heart swiftly

                                        who happened
                                        imagines exhaustion
                                        unflag barely

                                        between parameters
                                        is it possible collaborates
                                        days and futures

Ethan Plaue’s poetry has appeared in Berkeley Poetry ReviewDenver QuarterlyOmniVerseVOLT, and elsewhere. He is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Pennsylvania.