Welcome to the Omnidawn Blog!


Welcome to Omnidawn Publishing’s blog! We hope you’ll come by regularly (weekly daily hourly!)

At our new blog you’ll find:

***Trivia contests to give away free Omnidawn books,
and other gifts we think will entice you—hey, would you like origami swan trees made from all the rejection letters we get when we send our poems and stories out to other publishers?

***Interviews with emerging and established writers!
—want to be interviewed?–want to interview us? –want to record two long-dead poets interviewing each other in your nightmares and dare us to post it? Let’s talk!

***Exciting rumblings and ruminations by guest bloggers!

***Podcasts of Omnidawn’s authors and friends doing wonderful and scary things,
like reading poems and fiction, tending tendrils, scampering with skunks, rummaging around with real subjects and fabulizing with fatalists.

*** Of course, we’ll be bringing you Omnidawn press releases, book reviews, author information and all around updates and general news about the press.

***And, further down the road, we will post poetry and fiction reviews, and poems!
–stay tuned for how to submit, if you are inclined.

YOUR links, publication announcements, input.

We hope to create a vital site for the online writing community to share and disseminate news. We want your input, your exciting publications to list, your links to post. Community keeps us awake, alive, alert. Better than chocolate.

As you can see from our links, we’ve established a “Friends” and “Affiliate Presses / Magazines” links sections. If you want to be an Omnidawn “Friend,” all you have to do is email me (cperez [at] omnidawn [dot] com) and we will link to your blog / personal website. All we ask is that you link to this blog in return and if you have important announcements about your work, just email me the info and we’ll happily post the information.

If you want to be an “Affiliate,” all we ask is that we exchange links. As an affiliate, you can feel free to send us your press releases, review links, general news, or those dirty secrets we know your press has too, and we’ll happily post this info on our blog as well.

Upon becoming either a Friend or Affiliate, we hope you will paste this announcement on your blog.

***AND besides all that ‘official’ business, you will find behind-the-scenes glimpses into this infamous and notorious Omni-world.

What kinds of goodies are we trying to entice you with? How does gossip about our interns and editors sound?

Or maybe you prefer the kind of seedy truths that come along with unadulterated photos—a pic of Rusty and Ken’s book/paper/filing cabinet swamped home-office or perhaps one of Rebecca and Cassie wrestling with an insufferable database.

Sounding good yet? Not quite yet?

How about candid pics
of myself or Iain slaving away at our computers deep, deep into the night. Still not scandalous enough for you (strange how well we know you already)?

Ok then, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of it. We can not promise this but…you may even find live-action filming of down and dirty team meetings at a memorabilia-infested coffee shop in El Cerrito. Mmmhmmm.

Sounds good, no? We think so! But, we’d also kinda like to know what you think too…the comments section is open so please, feel free.

***What else should I tell you? I guess it’s best to give you some background:
For those of you who may not know—Omnidawn Publishing was founded by wife and husband team Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan in 2001 and has been publishing poetry since. In 2006, they brought on New Wave Fabulist Fiction.

2006 also brought Omnidawn their first ever employee Rebecca Stoddard—who brings her editorial brilliance and data-system savvy to the position of Assistant Editor.

But they didn’t stop there! 2007 has brought with it the addition of an extremely talented and dedicated interning staff of myself, Craig Perez—Blog Editor, Cassie Smith—Database Mistress and Master as well as the unstoppable Iain Ferreira—the Google Guru.

We’re growing by golly, we’re growing! Pains and poltergeists and plotzes in the mud, and all.

So, those are some of our goals and aspirations for this blog!

Please leave your comments, and please do subscribe to the Omnidawn Blog and announce our presence on your mass-email lists, listserves, or group blogs. We’d love to do the same for you and yes, indeed, we are excited about the possibilities. We hope to hear from you soon!

Craig Santos Perez
Omnidawn Blog Editor
cperez [at] omnidawn [dot] com


ADDENDUM: if you tried to email earlier in the day, it may not have gone through because my email was listed incorrectly. the email address above has been corrected. hope to hear from everyone.

5 comments for “Welcome to the Omnidawn Blog!

  1. mark wallace
    December 12, 2007 at 12:37 am

    I just tried to e-mail you at the listed address and received a message failed comment. I sent it to:


  2. clockworkquill
    December 12, 2007 at 12:53 am

    Nice to see you online. May I just say that we writers love behind the scenes stuff – slushing updates, book progress…lots of that, please!

  3. Omnidawn Publishing
    December 12, 2007 at 3:31 am

    nice to see you too. lots of that you shall receive 😉


  4. Omnidawn Publishing
    December 12, 2007 at 3:32 am

    hey mark,

    thanks for emailing and commenting. in the original post, the email was INCORRECT.

    please direct all correspondence to

    cperez [at] omnidawn [dot] com

    i hope to hear from you.

  5. Francisco Aragón
    December 16, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Hi Craig:

    Thanks for inviting MP, myself, and/or LPR to link to this. I’ll get around to doing something about this. I love the idea of a press having a companion blog. This will provide an interesting model for LLB, which is sort of languishing right now. Not enough hours in the day!

    Are you coming to AWP? I owe Javier OH an e-mail.


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