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This from Jacket Magazine:

Announcing Jacket 34:
Hundreds of new poems, reviews, interviews and articles in Jacket 34: just in time for Xmas!

Five hundred and eighty-five Jacket book reviews:
The updated list of book reviews in Jacket magazine provides quick links to 585 book reviews up to and including Jacket 34 (late 2007), sorted by the surname of the author of the book under review.

Eighty-nine Jacket Interviews:
The updated list of interviews with writers, editors and poets in Jacket magazine provides quick links to 89 interviews up to and including Jacket 34 (late 2007),sorted by the interviewee’s last name.

Editor: John Tranter
Associate Editor: Pam Brown


This from Hooke Press:

Hooke Press is pleased to announce the publication of:


This chapbook is the typescript of a taped interview with Creeley back in 1998. Penelope Creeley, Bob’s wife when he died in 2005, says that he talks about a number of things she’s never heard him go into elsewhere. We’ve only made 300, lovingly silkscreening the covers and lovingly paying a copyshop to staple the spines. It’ll be out of print when those are gone.

We’re going to have it at a small discount of $8 plus $4 shipping for a little while via the online ordering procedure you’re probably all too familiar with.

Editors of Hooke:
Brent Cunningham
Neil Alger
Lindsey Boldt


some news from our friend Mark Wallace about his book Walking Dreams (Blaze Vox).

In the tradition of what British writer Robert Aickman
called “the strange story,” Walking Dreams explores a
world that’s poetic and horrifying and very much like
our own. The eight stories of disorientation and
metamorphosis in the book all concern characters who
feel trapped and want to change who they are. The
unconventional shape of these tales distorts time,
place, and character to create an eerie and
threatening atmosphere. The result is a series of
surprises, some serious, some comic, in which the
boundary between the real and the imagined breaks

In praising Walking Dreams, fiction writer
Stephen-Paul Martin, author most recently of The
Possibility of Music (FC2, 2007) writes, “Mark Wallace
writes like an avant-garde poet who knows how to tell
a good story. Or like a fiction writer who knows how
to fill his prose with cutting edge poetry. You finish
Wallace’s fiction with much more than you began with,
the sense that your reading intelligence has been
scrambled into a new kind of clarity, a new kind of
pleasure that can only be fully sorted out over time.”

Mark Wallace is the author of six previous books of
poetry and fiction, including the novel Dead Carnival
(Avec Books, 2004). His poetry collection Temporary
Worker Rides A Subway won the 2002 Gertrude Stein
Poetry Award and was published by Green Integer Books
(2004). He is also the co-editor of two books of
essays on contemporary literature, including Telling
It Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s (University
of Alabama Press, 2002).

BlazeVOX Books has published over 50 volumes both of
poetry and fiction. Our latest publications include
books by Noah Eli Gordon, Joe Amato and Megan Volpert.
Also just out is the latest double-issue of BlazeVOX
magazine. Coming soon are volumes by Mark DuCharme,
Kyle Schlesinger, and The Here Comes Everybody
anthology by Lance Phillips. Download a detailed PDF
catalog at our website which shows all the titles for
our press. E-books are also available for free
download, including recent titles by Gautam Verma and
Patrick Chapman.


And finally, our fearless Editor RUSTY MORRISON has some new poems at the VERSE blog. happy reading!