Visual Art

Visual Poetry: Andrea Baker

excerpt from The Incredibly True Adventures of Me

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Visual Poetry: Spencer Selby

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Visual Poetry: Colleen Lookingbill

To celebrate National Poetry Month, this week’s installation of OmniVerse will be a poetry double feature. Click the link below to see new work by Colleen Lookingbill.

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Poetry & Art: George Albon & Erik Waterkotte

George Albon’s Brief Capital of Disturbances has been blessed with some multidisciplinary offspring. Composer Mischa Salkind-Pearl has used it as a text in his piece “American Temple” (See the Omnidawn entry of April 6, 2009), and now artist Erik Waterkotte has created a suite of original prints based on passages from the book. The suite, called Re-encounters and Reconnaissance,comprises seven images (unique print, mixed media, and collage) that offer a Dantesque vision of technology and the anonymous.

Directing the Disaster

Double Illumination…A Sign on Fire

The last thing the sun’s rays shone on tonight was already yellow and bright, a <—> sign coated with reflecting gloss at the T-juncture. In the dull matte of the surrounding woods and roadway this double illumination pierced the late afternoon, a sign on fire.
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