Poetry: Raymond de Borja


Begins in Greenwich, England
Mildews as a verb

Refrains, i.e.
Never, never, never, never, never 

And returns to an absolute ear
with its every no

An even longer line
at the end of every line

We were there implied in each erasure
like a hankering for 

Whose you is mine? 

But the time we dealt with
was human time

Orphic Data Lakes  

The morning air enveloped precisely to mean good
the scene of the crime today slightly

These are meant for us.
In our light-like separation, hear from ourselves
our static-curtained songs.

In Orphée, a radio unwraps from the netherworld A glass
of water illuminates the world.

Attention says the radio Silence
goes faster backwards The bird
sings with five fingers…

Which Cocteau first finds in a letter from Apollinaire.

Progress is air, all that is solid.  

Of the Eiffel Tower, Apollinaire sees
a massive antenna.

Dear Jean,
pillars of salt infrastructure is code orphic data lakes.

I wish, today, I could tell you these
with the illocutionary force of fact.

World that is a world of rests.

Raymond de Borja reading: Kafkaesque

Raymond de Borja reading: Orphic Data Lakes

Raymond de Borja is the author of “they day daze” (High Chair, 2012). His recent work appears or is forthcoming in Big Other, Black Sun Lit, The Cambridge Literary Review, Jacket2, The Operating System, The White Review, and elsewhere.