Poetry: Nicholas Chng

Selected by Carl Phillips as a finalist for the Omnidawn Chapbook Contest

                                                                          2.58 AM at a vending machine


someone’s sigh

                                                            pushes through

                                                                                                                        to the front


                                                    mute foil wrapper on the floor

                                                 makes a statement with its stark,

                                                        full-bodied himalayas


                                                                                           far-away voices come at night.

                                                                                                     their sounds are elusive.

                                                 like ghosts, they persist.

millennial asleep on the sofa

eyes chittering like insects.

his mouth is dry it clicks in the way

two people click or 

a group forms a clique.

the internet is where childhood goes to die. 

o rly?

basement dweller 

without a basement,

it sleeps clutching its

disintegrating pillow and iPhone.

dark rings of damp 

around the pebble of its eye:

it dreams of the broken screen

of heaven, a flood of white light.

Nicholas Chng reading: “2:58 AM at a vending machine.”

Nicholas Chng reading: “millenial asleep on the sofa.”

Nicholas Chng studies Law at Singapore Management University. He has been named a Commended Foyle Young Poet of the Year. His work has appeared in Ceriph, QLRS, Softblow, burntdistrict, Cadaverine and the exhibition MICROCOSMOS by studio KALEIDO