Poetry: Anaïs Duplan

Detroit Make Some Noise for Human Error

Redemption be like
forgiveness but isn’t                      does it, will it
help me to remember                    who has hurt?
              A kiss, redemption          I killed
on the way to my thousandth blessing,
a detour. Lost out to betterment,
found when I searched for dark.   Did I
forgive you, myself, for getting lost, being prepared,
for returning?
                          To build a structure that could house me
that would know my faults and hold
Them in place?                                         Something I could feel on,
inside of and outside and all over?           I think about
how best to get away from you.               Sometimes a poem is
until it dizzies
              passing the time
              around and around the room.

Tony Cokes, No Sell Out, 1995, 6:20

Fade to Black     a
text from popular culture              but also in riot     or
otherwise I’m not
your commodity––––––Cokes as capitalism as a spider

              him in his web. He: am I
              the real thing? We

invent, he submits, the real
thing come up again and again       as

images and text,               as the basis, the visual fabric.

Tony Cokes, Ad Vice, 1999, 6:36

We’ve all got opinion                      life is a sport       What’s the idea
of “swipe country”?           do you get down or high

                            certainly the most              typographical

              rather an image
              behind the text,

through screens of various colors
and conflicting

              the main substance of the film,      THE IDEAL COPY––––             (Andrews
also       retained a concern for the copy,

for imitation        throughout        ) which
              took him away from
                                          the computer
              this,       getting farther
away from quotations
                                          using color and                  (I will be an example of this
                                          to influence
and strike me
to cut and            once or twice to
signal a later sonic

Tony Cokes, 2@ , 2000, 6:00

Ritual suicide as big business.                                    Rock stars
                                                                                    in the 60s and
                                          moves on                           70s
              who have played along
                                                        the way and the
music movements named by music media               the idea of the
ideal      which we saw                                 returns––––then
proceed the 90s                               the disappearing headline
                                                        a diminishing or disa-
                            ppearing time.