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Poetics of Drought: Matthew Cooperman

This is the second installment of a three-part essay series on poetics and drought, originally delivered as a series of panel talks at the 2016 AWP conference in Los Angeles. The first is available here.

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Poetry: 2015 Poetry Chapbook Prize Finalists

This month we feature new work from the five finalists from Omnidawn’s 2015 Poetry Chapbook contest:

Adam Atkinson – Jacket Copies
Matthew Cooperman – A Little History of the Panorama
Sam Corfman – An Opaque Flower Digging
Madison Davis – Carrion
Jenny Drai – Tail

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Poetry: Matthew Cooperman

Still: Pioneer

Craft: a means of moving forward by focused attention to presence in physical form

Object: Shangri La, Valhalla, Elysium, Cibola, Shambhala, Arcadia, Utopia, Pleasantville, Dick Dale, Moby Dick, Ojai, Daisen, Asphodel (that greeny flower)

Expression: Why, you’ve got to fire it up to see how it goes. Look under the hood, check the punctuation. I mean how will we get anywhere inside ourselves or off the planet if we’re not trying to move the ark forward

Craft: Pioneer 10, a gem of an ark, which explored the outer planets and left the solar system carrying a golden plaque on its golden front, a man and a woman in a circle of names, a man and a woman are one
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