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Ewa Chrusciel: “Are her verses alive? How to translate the semblance of felt life.”

Norman Davies, a historian, the author of Europe, said that translation is like a melody of an original played on a different instrument or in a different key. “Bach’s Air on a G string. which was written for a violin, will remain recognizable, even if played on a trombone and in the key of B flat. But they can never produce exactly the same sound (7).”

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Poetry and Translation: Ryszard Krynicki translated by Ewa Chrusciel

These poems and the essay following will appear in the anthology On the Endless Horizon: A Poet’s Field Guide to Literary Translation, forthcoming from W.W. Norton in 2014.

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Poetry: Ewa Chrusciel

Triangular Sketches

N 1


The drawing of foxes, the tentacles

of earth. Whisper the cliffs.

Pivot verticalities. Lumens. What

Light admits.

Let there be 4 & 6.

Earth is air. News of luminous

itineraries slide

into shards, debris, annun

ciations. Flights

nest in windbreaks. Syllables

fly syllables. Syllables fidget

under the seat-belts.

Syllables hurt.

What was our first syllable?

The light

obscures the truth about you.

How are the sparks transformed?

Do crystals conform?

Are pictographs born in the air? Images decomposed;

ether into morphemes.

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