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David Koehn: “Reclaiming Catullus”

“The original is unfaithful to the translation.”
Jorge Luis Borges, On Henley’s translation of Beckford’s Vathek, 1943

The ‘availability’ of Catullus is both a challenge and an opportunity. My original thesis in translating Catullus was that Catullus, the pleasure of Catullus, has been subsumed by the classicists and the philologists. Prof. Rebecca Resinski of Hendrix College corrected my course here. She took exception because I made it sound “like classicists and philologists have swallowed Catullus up and have been keeping him from others.” There may be some truth to that—but I clearly overstated.

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David Koehn: Catullus 32 Matching Quiz

Catullus 32: Match the year of publication on the left with the version on the right

In the following listing the publication dates are mismatched with their versions. Can you arrange them properly? What number 1-32 in the right column matches with A? With B? And so on…

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