Video: Laura Moriarty


Embedded is a 5 minute video of Laura Moriarty reading from her new Omnidawn book: A Semblance: Selected & New Poems 1975-2007, which includes an introduction by Norma Cole.

In this reading, she talks about the literary group A Tonalist and reads a few incredible poems from A Semblance. you can find the A Tonalist Notes Blog HERE. Read what Ron Silliman had to say about Laura’s book HERE. Laura even makes very enlightening comments in the comments section of Silliman’s post. A Semblance also received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, which you can read HERE.

The reading was on September 20, 2007, hosted by Steve Dickison and the San Francisco State Poetry Center in conjunction with Omnidawn, held at the Unitarian Church on Franklin St in San Francisco, CA. Other readers that night were Christopher Arigo, Bin Ramke, and Donald Revell. Stay tuned for more videos of these poets reading in the coming weeks!


Laura Moriarty has published eleven books of poetry, a short novel, Cunning (Sputyen Duyvil 2000), and a novel of science fiction, Ultravioleta (Atelos 2006). She has been a very active member of the Bay Area community for 25 years, has traveled extensively to do readings and workshops, has had her work translated into half a dozen languages, has taught at Mills College, Naropa University and Otis Art Institute, and has been a nonprofit literary organization director for 20 of those years. Her work in nonprofit literary organizations include her current position as the Deputy Director of Small Press Distribution, and her previous position as the Archives Director for the Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives at San Francisco State University from 1986 – 1997. She received a Poetry Center Book Award in 1984 for Persia (Chance Additions). She has also been awarded a Gerbode Foundation grant, a residency at the Foundation Royaumont in France and a New Langton Arts Award in Literature.