Spring 2012 Books from Omnidawn

Omnidawn is thrilled to announce the release of our new spring titles:

Harm — Hillary Gravendyk
The Book of a Thousand Eyes — Lyn Hejinian
desolation : souvenir — Paul Hoover
I Was There for your Somniloquy — Kelli Anne Noftle
Aerial — Bin Ramke

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“Harm is a book of awarenesses and sensations; it articulates the micro-wisdoms of that peculiarly timeless condition that is everyday life, the site of lyric embodiment and our extraordinary mortality.”
—Lyn Hejinian

“Fans of Hejinian…have a lot to look forward to. Her latest is a doorstopper, a kind of impractical almanac of avant-garde poetry.”
–Craig Teicher, NPR Books

“Hoover’s brilliant stanzas and one-liners are moving constellations presenting raw materials of the world in constantly shifting and illuminating relations.”

—Cole Swensen

“a thrilling, destabilizing meditation on our divided selves: our split brains and checkered evolutionary pasts.”
–Rae Armantrout, judge of the 2010 Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Prize

“These poems are beautiful, disquieting, deeply felt, and ultimately tragic—since Ramke, and all his stand-in speakers, keep reaching obsessively for knowledge about something they know is ultimately unfathomable.”
–Mary Jo Bang