Poetry: Tamsin Smith


That do not do the thing they most do show

Tumble weed
Cannon ball
Desert wind
Hot pitch
When your back is turned
Telephone to back home
Three stripe to knee
Reptile road trip
Temptation follows me
(stone teeth,
             with small arms extended)


Tamsin Smith reading: “That do not do the thing they most do show”

Tamsin Smith is a poet, painter, and essayist. She has published two collections of poetry: Word Cave (Risk Press) and Between First and Second Sleep (FMSBW). Her poems appear in the following verse anthologies: Everything Indicates (2012), Lightning Strikes: 18 Poets, 18 Artists(2015), Love in the Face of Everything (2017), and Reverberations: A Visual Conversation (2018). Art reviews, oil paintings, poems and such at TamsinSpencerSmith.com