Poetry: Rob Schlegel



She neither arrives nor departs
but modifies constant

Cove’s pliable shore

Never tethered is it
so permanent to regard itself

Bury she may his bones
within the ossuary


or buried sun

She questions the one part of every sound
pining for a different pitch


Pockets of water cupped
in clefts of calcified bone

Scattered vertebrae

phosphorescent and
the pond becoming a meadow

Switch of lightning

Switch of song


Rob Schlegel’s The Lesser Fields was selected for the 2009 Colorado Prize for Poetry from the Center for Literary Publishing and will be released in November, 2009. His poems and reviews have appeared in Boston Review, VOLT, Colorado Review, Pleiades, Octopus and elsewhere. With Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel he edits The Catenary Press, publisher of limited-edition chapbooks dedicated to serial poems. He occasionally posts here.