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Poetry: Tobey Kaplan


color first a thousand kids

first a thousand kids’ energy musing in late dark theatres of lonely houses
her leg leans heavy my arm draped casually on her thigh not a day goes by
without my considering her love of opera and some writers are terrific
to remember clean my garage books full of O’Hara a soothsayer of long nights
his poems quotidian like wrinkled lawns source of lavender lights
stage lights silky bedding not a day goes by sleepers in the window
layers of sand white boards smooth leaves construction parking
a long goodnight barbecue where some man asked if she was from Thailand
I want to tell her before I was born millions of crickets I offered a glass
of water and she put it under her chair with the takeout we’re watching
strange bodies on the stage inflatable shapes costumed phrases
energetic silky colors like orange and appearances will not go on to say
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