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Poetry: Noah Eli Gordon

For Expression

Sing a song of utterance. I mutter to you. Sing a song of expression.
—Gertrude Stein

For the feel
   in my palm
   of an apple
   fresh from
   the market
Against the
   transparent skin
   of marketing

For the condition
   of air
Against air
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Poetry: Noah Eli Gordon



A rivet forces proximity on two sheets of aluminum. Violence to the hawk & violence to the horse, together, build a third kind of animal. Wholly subdued, hanger-like. This tangential harmony—impossible as a mountain in the ant’s understanding of an airfield. Nothing’s joined that wasn’t broken from itself; thus, the sexual elevator crushes a man holding a bouquet of lilies. An orchid lashed to a tree proves original theory untenable. Is this how you underline your way into the pantheon? Pegasus was a horse. The airplane, an automobile. A pillow for earth-bound egos purified in upper air. Orgasm tears the plane apart.

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