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Featured Essay: Jack Collom, “S w a m p F o r m a l i s m”

Our special three-part series on the work of Jack Collom concludes with an essay and poem from his latest book, Second Nature, now available from Instance Press. We would once again like to thank Elizabeth Robinson for sharing Jack’s work and legacy with OmniVerse.

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A Conversation with Jack Collom

In the second part of our three-issue celebration of Jack Collom’s work, we are proud to present this special interview with Jack Collom from Elizabeth Robinson.

Jack Collom was born in Chicago in 1931. Jack has had 24 books of poetry (including chapbooks) published. He’s been awarded two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships in poetry, and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, plus many other grants for magazine and book production and, especially, work with children. His books on leading children into producing excellent creative writing are: Poetry Everywhere (with Sheryl Noethe), Moving Windows, and A Slow Flash of Light, all published by Teachers & Writers Collaborative, New York. He has given readings widely throughout the United States and sometimes beyond. He continues to write experimental and nature poetry abundantly.

Elizabeth Robinson is an editor at Instance Press and is serving as the Hugo Fellow at the University of Montana this spring. Her most recent books are Three Novels (Omnidawn) and Counterpart (Ahsahta).

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Featured Essay: Jack Collom

With many thanks to the generosity of Instance Press and Elizabeth Robinson, OmniVerse is excited to be able to celebrate the work of Jack Collom in our next three issues. Collom’s latest book, Second Nature, out at the end of 2012, is comprised of poetry and ecopoetics essays that Collom has written over the past twenty years. Collom considers this work as representing the culmination of his career as an indefatigueable poet, teacher, essayist, and advocate for a sane and balanced ecology. Indeed, Collom began teaching eco-lit classes at Naropa University over twenty years ago and has inspired countless students and colleagues to the necessity and vitality of ecopoetics. Collom’s introduction to Second Nature begins this series with OmniVerse and sets out Collom’s central ideas and concerns vis a vis ecopoetics. Next month, an interview with Collom will follow, and the series will conclude with another essay from Second Nature. OmniVerse is very grateful for the opportunity to share this material and engage with Collom’s important legacy.

Second Nature is available here from Small Press Distribution.

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