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Elena Karina Byrne: “Voyeur Hour”

Looking and looking causes time to open.
—Mark Doty

I love his eyes. They are little larger than what he sees.
—Paul Valery

Our eyes have become voracious like mouths.
—Ann Hamilton

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Elena Karina Byrne: “THE ORPHAN OF SILENCE (An Interrupted Essay)”

                        I just knew they had to be silent… the pain is not out in the room, the pain
                        in ourselves is invisible, inside ourselves.

                                                            –– Bill Viola

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Elena Karina Byrne: “Dystopia’s Slipping Genre: Boyd Webb, G-Star’s Raw Youth Culture & Poetry’s Consequence of Freedom”

An Ekphrastic Essay

“The anxiety of influence” —Harold Bloom

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Elena Karina Byrne: “Incongruity and the Captive (an interrupted essay)”

                                                                                                Here into presence, there into absence––

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